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The objective of the “Chile is Back Challenge” contest is for social media users to learn about our international campaign to encourage and publicize Chile’s tourism offering. Chile Travel’s interest is to encourage excursions, getaways and vacations to our country, along with growing our social networks (@ChileTravel on Instagram) by promoting organic interactions on said platform.



1. In order to participate in the contest, the interested party / contestant must “Follow” the Chile Travel account (@ChileTravel on Instagram).

2. Subsequently, they must publish a photo to their Instagram grid that shows an answer to the question “When did you feel the most adventurous?” using the hashtag #ChileIsBackChallenge. After that, they must complete the form on the website www.chileisback.com.

3. Said post must be published in “public mode” using the hashtag: “#ChileIsBackChallenge” and tagging @ChileTravel.

4. Once the above action has been taken, the contestant must go to the website www.chileisback.com to complete a contact form.

5. Interested parties/contestants will be selected weekly based on the number of “likes”, of which only 5 profiles will be preselected weekly, generating a total of 20 preselected semifinalists in the 4 weeks of the contest, of which the 4 winners of the contest will be selected at random. These will be chosen by digital raffle that will be recorded and documented.

6. The contestants who are selected as winners, and who meet the requirements to compete by these conditions, will be informed through a post on Chile Travel’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), which will be published on the day of the announcement.

7. Once this notification has been made, the winners must send an internal message (Inbox) and contact the administrator of the Instagram account designated by SERNATUR, within a maximum period of five (5) business days, counting from the time they have been notified by the post to be the winner of the award, being able, therefore, to send the winner this post or internal message.

8. Those in charge of verifying that the participants meet the requirements to be contestants, notifying the winners and supervising the entire process will be the Marketing Subdirectorate officials, Mr. César Ramírez Alarcón and Mrs. Romina Reyes Pizarro – hereinafter, “the Commission” – who will prepare a record of everything done for this purpose.

9. Once the final winners have been established, the situation will be formalized by means of the corresponding Sernatur Resolution, which will have as its main support the record prepared by the “Commission” for this purpose.


The contest will run from Monday, December 6, 2021, launching within the framework of the International Tourism Fair FIT – Argentina, up to 28 consecutive days afterwards.



1. Be Chilean or a foreigner of any nationality residing abroad. The winning applicant must verify their identity by means of the respective identity card or passport.

2. Be older than 18 years of age.

3. Understand the process.

4. Be registered or register as a follower of the @ChileTravel Instagram account.

5. Comply with the steps indicated in Clause IV above on CONTEST PROCESS, APPLICATION PERIOD.



The details of the prizes to be awarded in the “Chile is Back Challenge” contest is as follows:

The award will consist of a trip to Chile, specifically the towns of San Pedro de Atacama, Valle de Elqui, Pucón / Villarrica and Torres del Paine, a trip that will include 6 nights and 7 days, round-trip international airline tickets in economy class from the country where the winner resides, 3-star or higher lodging in Chile, excursions, internal transfers, 3 daily meals and medical insurance coverage in the national territory (does not include extras) for the winner of the award and their companion, effective until (used by) July 10, 2022, all of which, however, could be altered as a result of the health contingency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or by decision of the Service.

The prizes will be assigned through four (4) draws carried out at random by means of a raffle that includes the 20 shortlisted, according to the following:

a) First Draw: trip for winner and 1 companion to the San Pedro de Atacama destination.

b) Second Draw: trip for winner and 1 companion to the Valle de Elqui destination.

c) Third Draw: trip for winner and 1 companion to the Pucón / Villarrica destination.

d)   Fourth Draw: trip for the winner and 1 companion to the Torres del Paine destination.


The winning contestants may not request that the prize be paid in its equivalent in money, nor will it be possible to transfer it to another person and/or institution. In the event that they expressly renounce their right to the award, for whatever reason, SERNATUR will proceed in the manner indicated in the preceding paragraph.

In the same way, the winners must endeavor to comply with the current immigration and health conditions that are updated periodically on the website.  https://chile.gob.cl/chile/ingreso-a-chile-desde-el-exterior



a)   Start of the contest: From the official launch by SERNATUR.

b)   End of the contest: 28 days after the official launch by SERNATUR.

c)   Raffle date for the selection of winners: 5 days after the end of the contest with the 20 shortlisted contestants.

d)   The winners will be notified the day after the raffle has been made. They will be notified through a published post on Chile Travel’s social media accounts.

e)   Time to acknowledge receipt of the prize by the winners: 5 business days from the announcement that notifies them of winning, that is, no later than January 10, 2022.


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